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Old School Seasonal Espresso

Old School Seasonal Espresso

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Crafted for milk, in espresso or drip.

A 'tip-of-the-hat' and throwback to a more traditional Seattle roast. Perhaps a cup your folks would be into. Or the perfect cup for a rainy day.  

Medium roast, seasonal coffees, we want our espressos to be as vibrant and tasty as possible. The Old School espresso blend is rich in complex flavor, dark chocolate and almond. Crafted for milk, in espresso or drip form. Yum!

Tasting notes: Rich in flavor, dark chocolate, almond, heavy body.

Current Origins: 

50%  Cria Carmo de Minas, Brazil 

Natural - Yellow  Bourbon

50% Refisa Nensebo, Guji Ethiopia 

Fully washed - Local heirloom

Brewing Recipe

1:1.5 ratio

In: 18/ 19 grams

Out: 27/ 30 grams 

Time: 25 - 30 seconds

Pressure: 9 bars

Temperature: 202.5

Pre-Infusion: 4 - 6 seconds