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Mexico-El Mezcal

Mexico-El Mezcal

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Origin: Mexico
Region: Chiapas
Producer: E-Cafe Chiapas
Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Marsellesa, & Maragogype
Processing: Washed
Elevation: 1250-1600 meters above sea level

El Mezcal is an exciting new addition to our Single Origin lineup and our latest offering of a long line of coffees grown in Chiapas, Mexico.  Brought to us from the E-Cafe Cooperative via Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders, El Mezcal is a great example of how the specialty coffee industry can empower small scale producers to be represented for their own individual quality.

E-Cafe Chiapas was formed in 2007 as an organization of growers focused mainly on exporting coffee and worked with small-scale farmers that sold their coffee as part of a larger regional lot.  In 2016, E-Cafe hosted a dozen of the farmers they worked with to their research farm, Finca Las Chicharras, to to learn improved growing and processing techniques for specialty coffee.  Then, in 2019, the E-Cafe team helped these farmers build their own raised beds for drying coffee, to improve the quality of their product.

El Mezcal is the result of these 12 small-scale farmers improving their farming and processing skills over the past 5 years with the guidance of E-Cafe.  This lot was named after the Maguey Agave plants (from which the illustrious Mezcal is made) that are grown interspersed among the coffee trees planted on these farms.  

The coffee grown on these farms is handpicked, washed and then dried in greenhouses with temperature control, and then sorted by color and size to unsure uniformity and quality across the lot.

El Mezcal is everything we look for in a Mexican coffee.  Clean, smooth, and easy drinking - it has a brightness to it when hot, and a rich sweetness as it cools.  Among the smooth notes of almond and apple we hope to find in coffees from Mexico, there is an undeniable presence of chocolate-covered raisins and - dare we say - Dulce de Leche.  Delicious!