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Guatemala-Asproguate Organic

Guatemala-Asproguate Organic

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Origin: Guatemala
Region: Acatenango, San Martin Jilotepeque, Coban and Atitlan
Producer: Various small farmers via Asproguate Cooperative
Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1900-2050 Meters
Certification: Organic

This is a USDA Certified Organic single origin offering from Asprogruate Cooperative in Guatemala.  Asproguate is an organization that represents more than 1,900 small producers from the regions of Acatenango, San Martin Jilotepeque, Coban and Atitlan. Its purpose is to responsibly promote sustainability among small independent coffee farmers. In this area of Guatemala, many husbands leave to work in the US and send money back to their families, so the farms represented are majority women owned farms.

This is a feel-good coffee all around.  Sustainably grown on independent, women-owned farms, and absolutely delightful in the cup.  There is a clean sweetness about this coffee that is made interesting with a discernible aroma of baking spices, almond, dried currant, orange, and of course milk chocolate and caramel.