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Ethiopia-Qoke Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia-Qoke Yirgacheffe

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Starting with relationships, this coffee is a shining example of everything that's right with the world of coffee today. We began purchasing all of our Ethiopian coffee from the amazing folks at Catalyst Trade last year and couldn't be happier. As a majority Ethiopian-owned company, they are 100% focused on building deep relationships and buying coffee responsibly. 

This particular coffee perfectly represents that classic washed profile from the Yirgacheffe region: floral, crisp citrus acidity, and a clean, light body.

Here is a bit about this coffee in the words of our friends at Catalyst Trade:

"Recent studies show that about 68% of cultivated land in the Gedeo zone is planted to coffee, and smallholder farmers, producers, suppliers, traders, and laborers contribute to many of the economic activities in the region. The average size coffee plot is between two to ten hectares and yield may be only a few bags up to 60 or so annually. Because individuals’ yields are not usually large enough to comprise an entire lot of coffee, ripe cherries purchased by the washing station are combined and processed together as they arrive. While this does not distinguish an individual farmer’s terroir by lot, it does result in a wonderfully complex and unique flavor profile, representing multiple landrace varieties (landrace being indigenous heirloom varieties that have naturalized to the area)."

FLAVOR PROFILE: sweet & complex
 hibiscus, lemon soda, milk chocolate



  • Town: Qoke

  • District & Region: Yirgacheffe

  • Zone: Gedeo
  • Country: Ethiopia

VARIETY: Local landrace varieties (Kumie, Diga, Wilsho)

GROWING ELEVATION: 1,870-1,900 MASL (meters above sea level) 

MILLING PROCESS: Washed; 48-72 hour fermentation; Sun dried on raised beds


  • Producers - 364 smallholder farmers
  • Washing Station Owner - Melkamew Zergaw

  • Dry Mill & Exporter - Catalyst Trade

  • Importer - Catalyst Trade