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Ethiopia-Basha Gansamo

Ethiopia-Basha Gansamo

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Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Bombe Village, Bensa, Sidama

Producer: Basha Gansamo

Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom

Elevation: 2178 MASL

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Watermelon, Honeysuckle, Brownies

Much like last years Basha Bekele, this natural Ethiopian Coffee comes to us from Catalyst Trade via their partner Asnake Bekele. An incredible person responsible for so much development within the Ethiopian coffee industry. This coffee is sourced through his connection to single producers within Sidama and their vertical integration within his project.

Basha Gansamo is reflective of much of the natural coffee we have cupped from 2021. Somewhat more delicate than past Ethiopian Natural coffees. Undeniably sweet, we find watermelon. A floral fragrance and aroma that reminds us of Honeysuckle. This is backed boned by brownies in the body and aroma.

Asnake shares that on Basha’s farm, “Red Cherries are harvested by hand-picking. This is very labor intensive, and around 86 seasonal and daily laborers are employed for selective harvesting, transporting, sorting and drying. Pickers many a time have to return to the same tree multiple times as coffee cherry doesn’t ripen all at the same time. Carefully harvested cherries are then are loaded into bags or baskets and taken to the drying location. The cherries are spread out in thin layers to dry in the sun. Only special raised drying beds or tables, which are made out of wood posts, are used and covered in bamboo mat. In order to ensure even drying and to avoid mold, fermentation or rotting, the cherries are turned 6 times per day. It could take 15 – 21 days for specific lots to reach optimum moisture content depending on the sun access and temperature. This is determined by observing brightness of the skin and cracking sample dried cherries by teeth. When the drying is complete, the dried cherries are loaded into poly bags and stored in temporary warehouse. It will then ultimately transported to the dry mill and warehouse located at Daye town.” At that point the dried cherry is removed and a phase of pre-cleaning is done by hand before the coffee is loaded into bags for transportation to Addis Ababa for further export preparation at the final dry mill.