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El Salvador-Granada

El Salvador-Granada

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Notes: Valencia Orange, sweet white chocolate, panela
 100% Bourbon
Elevation: 1530m
Process: Washed 

In the mountainous terroir of western El Salvador, the area known as the La Tierra de los Volcanes is home to many coffee growing families and their farms. Here the mineral-rich volcanic soil, high elevation and six-month wet/dry seasons provide ideal conditions for growing arabica coffee. Arabica coffee was first brought to El Salvador around 1740 and has remained central to both nation’s economy and culture ever since.

Cup of Excellence winner and fourth generation coffee producer, Jose Vargas runs the Finca Granada high in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec range. The 32 acre plot has been in his family’s stewardship since 1964 when his grand father Jose purchased it from a well known grower and mill operator. Jose acquired the farm from his father and took over operations in 1988. With the exception of a small number of Typica trees first planted here in the early 1900’s, Granada is entirely devoted to the production of specialty grade bourbon varietals.

Today Jose still uses his family’s generations-old farming techniques to manage growing operations; such as a system of selective stem and root bending, known as agobios, which helps maximize overall tree density. Each of the farms acres contain approximately 59 Inga trees, providing both a natural shade canopy for the coffee and the perfect environment for hawks, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and other small animals to nest. In turn they contribute to a thriving local ecosystem where insect and pest populations are kept in check without causing harm to the coffee plants.

In the cup it has a creamy white chocolate like, round body, notes of sweet valencia orange, bright acidy and a finish with a nice panela sweetness.