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Colombia-Carlos Perdomo

Colombia-Carlos Perdomo

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Origin: Colombia

Region: Caloto, Paicol, Huila

Producer: Carlos Perdomo

Farm: Finca San Isidro

Varietal: Yellow Colombia and Yellow Bourbon

Elevation: 1450 MASL

Process: Washed Double Fermentation

Tasting Notes: Mandarin Orange, Almond Butter, Turbinado

This micro-lot comes to us from Finca San Isidro and more directly from Carlos Perdomo via Cosecha Traders. Carlos is a fifth-generation coffee farmer who does it all. From processing to cupping for quality - this coffee represents the hard work of Carlos and the generational knowledge he has accumulated.

At 20 years old, Carlos has worked within the coffee world since he was 12 years old. First driving his father’s truck to town with his families harvest and with other produce to neighboring communities as a second source of income. “My parent’s taught me to work early on so I can makes something of myself.”

Carlos has plans to study economics in France in the future. During travel restrictions due to the pandemic last year, he found himself stuck in the Netherlands during harvest, so this lot is especially important to him and to Cosecha Traders. This coffee’s processing leans into the knowledge acquired through working as a lab manager in a youth-producer association that promotes specialty coffee. “Coffee represents my family’s life, my great-grandparents’ lives, it is what has given us everything” Carlos says.

In total, Finca San Isidro has 55,000 coffee trees and this coffee comes from just a small portion of the farm. The flavor in this coffee is derived from the varietals of Yellow Colombia and Yellow Bourbon and Carlos’ meticulous processing. He used an anaerobic fermentation process divided into two steps. First fermenting in bags for 24 hrs then depulped and fermented again in mucilage for 56 hours. The micro-lot was sorted through a washed process which floated and separated lower quality beans. Finally the coffee was dried on a covered patio for 30 days.

We are excited about this coffee and to work with Cosecha Traders again. The embody the type of exporter that we really enjoy working with. Incredible communication, care, and connection to the producers with whom they work. This coffee is sweet and balanced. A daily drinker, that we just know will be a lovely coffee to enjoy over the coming months. We find a ton of citrus we are calling mandarin orange, a creamy nuttiness that reminds us of almond butter, and a nice warm sweetness that reminds us of turbinado sugar.

“Our family history helps us produce the quality we have, but also motivates us to improve our quality because it means we are improving our quality of life too.”