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We are Windmill Coffee Roasters. We roast coffee. Seems pretty straight forward. We are a small team, just the three of us for now. We have a warehouse on the western edge of Ames, IA. This location is our home through the week, we do a little bit of everything under that roof. Machine repair, green storage, accounting, billing, design, packaging, roasting, eating lunch, listening to podcasts, watching tiny desk concerts, etc.

We drink a lot of coffee, it’s our job and we like it. Whether it is cupping coffee for quality assurance, purchasing decisions, or just for fun - we drink coffee.

Finally, we are just some people for Iowa. We try to be nice, work hard, be honest, and spend time with our people. We hope you do too.

Windmill Coffee is operating and roasting out of Ames, IA.

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