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If you're a history buff, you’ll know that the Stamp Act was one of the taxes imposed on the American colonies that led to the American revolution from Great Britain... a revolution that included kicking tea to the curb (or into the harbor, as the case may be) and embracing coffee as our national drink of choice.

We at Stamp Act Coffee are encouraging you all to kick your old habits overboard and embrace coffee in a brand-new way. Founded by a Seattle local, Andrew Kent has spent time on all sides of the coffee industry: he grew up as a barista in Seattle, worked with coffee growers in Ethiopia, created a roasting company in Singapore, and lived for years in Australia working with the great crew at Five Senses Coffee.

Throughout Andrew’s travels the Stamp Act dream was simple: return to Seattle and introduce his overseas experience to the local coffee scene. We import our green coffee thoughtfully, using the relationships built across the world. We roast with a nod towards a lighter profile and with a focus to differentiate between filter and espresso. Our offerings are a range of delicate and vibrant single origins, along with a seasonal blend that is meant to make you happy no matter how you take your coffee.

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