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Collection: Noble Coffee Roasting

     As many movements do, Noble began as a humble dream in a garage. Founder, Jared Rennie, started working in coffee over 20 years ago. Although another career drew him away from professional coffee for some time, Jared's love for coffee and countless hours of researching and experimenting with roasting coffee, brewing coffee, and pulling espresso finally convinced him that coffee was where his heart lies. In 2007, with a Probat L12 roaster installed in his garage and a pallet of green coffee from all over the world, Jared set out to make great coffee.

    Naming the company after his grandfather, Noble Dukes, Jared created an identity for the developing business that Noble would be proud of, with uncompromising dedication to quality, service, and sustainability.

Noble Coffee Roasting is operating and roasting out of Ashland, Oregon. 

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