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Colombia-Manos Juntas Anaerobic

Colombia-Manos Juntas Anaerobic

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The newest addition to our Single Origin line delivers a vibrant, juicy explosion of flavor! Notes of Juicy Strawberry and Cranberry lead this fruity forward cup. With notes of creamy milk chocolate and a velvety body to finish this vibrant experience. This Anaerobic Natural coffee is first stored for a five day anaerobic fermentation, the coffee is then subjected to 20°C temperatures in order to cease fermentation. The cherry are then stored for a period of five more days before they are taken to solar dryers. Drying takes 30–45 days. This process leads to a truly special, juicy, starburst filled cup! We find this offering provides a phenomenally vibrant cup for all your favorite brewing methods from pour over , to french press, and espresso!

Type: Single Origin

Notes: Juicy Strawberry, Cranberry, Milk Chocolate, Velvety

Origin: Colombia

Region: Cauca

Elevation: 1950-2100 masl

Varietal: Castillo, Colombia, F6 Colombia

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Roast: Medium