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RM004: Alpha Mist- Epoch LP

UK duo Alfa Mist and Emmavie have remastered and re-released their 2014 collaborative project, Epoch, which now features the new song “Energy.”

The word "epoch" can be defined as "an extended period of time usually characterized by a distinctive development or by a memorable series of events." At the time of its debut, the EP was a milestone for the two Londoners. Alfa recalls it was "the first complete project I ever put up on the internet," while Emmavie reflects that the collection "allowed me to access a more vulnerable and poetic side of myself." Now some six years later, both artists are at the top of their game with numerous production credits, collaborations and solo projects between them. But listening to this remastered work, released via Sekito Records, just proves that their brilliance had already firmly established.

This production is layered with wavy synths, warm vocals and chilled out vibes allow each track to seamlessly flow into the next. Yet for all its cohesion, the songs retain a measure of distinction that allows each to stand on its own.