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RM002: Cubicolor- Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night LP


Sometimes, you just know something isn't right. Sometimes, you can't shake that nagging feeling that the thing you've plowed so much time, effort, and passion into, isn't quite as it should be. Dutch electronic trio, Cubicolor understand that feeling all too well. After readying the release of the follow-up to their acclaimed debut, Brainsugar, the trio suddenly scrapped the album entirely. It was a dramatic and brave decision, but after listening to the completed album, they realized it was no longer representative of who they were as a group.

Camped out on a boat in the canals of Amsterdam, the ensemble, consisting of  Ariaan Olieroock and Peter Kriek, and British singer-songwriter Tim Digby-Bell, quickly started again. While we may never know what the abandoned project sounded like, its replacement, Hardly a Day, Hardly a Night sees Cubicolor continuing to explore the textured, gently evolving sonic terrain of Brainsugar in more intimate detail.

This is an album is an epoch of your own life. As fluid tracks melt into each other, passing time simply becomes a tangible concept that you can touch and feel. In fact, the 12 tracks are all inspired by the cycles of time, each representing not only its movement but also the lives it touches. Their first single, and my choice off the album, Points Beyond doesn't need any kind of built introduction. Enjoy.