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RM001: Nujabes- Spiritual State LP

Cleverly spelling his name backwards, Seba Jun or Nujabes was a Japanese jazzhop behemoth. After his unfortunate death in 2010, his music still carries a weight that holds listeners a decade later. Nujabes was known around the world for his jazz-infused, sophisticated take on hip hop beats. His style possessed a melancholy, nostalgic undertone that has made for some of the most beautiful sounds to emerge from the underground. He was your grandpa's records and sometimes, 93 'Till Infinity intertwined. I will try my best not to dissect this butterfly, for the beauty of ‘Spiritual State’ is intrinsically alive and requires no deconstructive analysis. See the details in the cloth yourself. They are rich, and well-woven.

Spiritual State was his third and posthumous studio album. For many including myself, Nujabes was the gateway drug into a whole new world of tunes.

If I was absolutely forced to decide, City Lights (Ft. Pase Rock and Substantial) was the stand out for me on the record. The vibes absolutely wreak of a 90's hiphop artist drenched in a New York jazz club sweat. 

Nujabes and J Dilla now reign the realms of the chillhop afterlife.