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RA001: The Happy Joy

A freelance illustrator and painter from Anaheim, California. His works are highly influenced by his obsession with 90's cartoons and the creativity of skateboarding culture. His works are all inspired by the juxtaposition of childhood memories and teenage tragedies and finding an illustrative balance in both those things with the abstraction of cartoons. He is a self taught artist who studied graphic design and fine arts.

Working with both traditional and digital mediums, He finds his comfort with a brush and a beer rather than a computer and a cup of coffee. His artist background started as a little boy drawing dinosaurs eating storm troopers and wrestlers jumping off the third rope and later evolved into a career path and an alter ego by the name of... 

The Happy Joy.

RoamersHey Patrick! Thanks for chatting today. Tell us how The Happy Joy got started.

Patrick: Ive been drawing ever since I can remember really. I grew up as a kid who loves cartoons and skateboarding and art really unraveled itself to me during high school. I knew it was something I loved because I was always willing to stay during lunch or after school to work on my projects and you wouldn’t catch me dead doing that for any other school subject. My art teacher at the time convinced me to take art classes at my junior college and from there I built up a portfolio and got accepted into Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. From there I’ve been just trying to sharpen my skills traditionally while also trying to adapt to new digital mediums. Also the name “Happy Joy” came about one day in detention while doodling in a notebook. I just loved the way it rolled off the tongue and it kind of described how I felt anytime I would draw. I would be lying if I said that the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” jingle from Ren and Stimpy didn’t  repeat over and over in my head while I drew.

Roamers: Working through both traditional and digital mediums, do you have any preferences and what challenges do you face?

Patrick: It’s really cut down the middle for me.There’s certain ideas that only work digitally and there are others that really deserve the full treatment of being traditionally painted. But if I were stick with one as my preference it would totally be traditional. Nothing beats the feeling of laying a line down with a brush and getting it right the first time.The risk of screwing up a painting just makes me a better artist technically. Also having to work with mistakes rather than having the ability to hit the “undo” makes the process more satisfying when you get it right. But having the ability to pick up my iPad and start painting is pretty amazing and sometimes it makes me feel a little spoiled because there’s absolutely no clean up involved and sometimes it replicates technique without having to apply much skill.

Roamers: Here at Roamers, we drink coffee all day, everyday. What's your daily coffee routine?
Patrick: It’s the same thing every morning and it’s my really my favorite part of my whole day. I wake up and go straight to my pound of coffee and scoop out 4 tbsp of Italian roast into my French press and I’ll heat up a banana loaf or something and that’s really it.
Roamers: You style is incredibly unique with a continuous running theme and visuals. How was this developed?
Patrick: My influences are really how I got my style down. It’s literally a mixture of things I loved growing up and things I’m currently into. Growing up I watched a lot of Simpsons and a lot of Ren And Stimpy and I was also very inspired by skateboarding and board graphics. The bright colors of these cartoons and the creativity involved in skateboarding really struck a chord for me and really gave me a way to visually express my self. All that mixed with punk rock music was really the ingredients that made me.
Roamers: Obviously, we're obsessed with coffee and we know you are too. Who's your go to roaster and what's your preferred method to brew?
Patrick: Honestly I’m always trying new stuff. Lately I’ve been really into dark roast and currently I’m brewing the Italian Roast from Starbucks which is my guilty pleasure. Definitely French press is the way to go for me.  Something about the process makes the whole coffee drinking experience more of a science experiment for me. So excited to try Roamers Coffee subscriptions!
Roamers: We're heavily focused on the idea of community that coffee draws, how do you think coffee affects art?
Patrick: I think it affects the creative process more than the actual art itself. Something about that smell and taste once it first hits your senses really unlocks the ability to think creatively and also think openly. Maybe it’s the addict inside me saying all this but there’s a magic that happens once caffeine hits my bloodstream. I also think it really helps cultivate collaboration in a group setting because ideas need time to develop and ideas need to be challenged and coffee is the commonality that can really bring people and their ideas together.
Roamers: In the new age of social distance, what do you see for the future of coffee shops and coffee culture?  
Patrick: Man, I think of the days of me going to coffee shops to work on some illustrations is going to change for awhile. Which is totally disappointing because I love the energy of being around people while I’m drawing and I love having collaborations in settings like those. It’s just so easy to feed off the energy of people getting stuff done. Yet I have no fear that the connection and togetherness that coffee brings will never go away. It’ll just have to be enjoyed at home or with others via FaceTime for the time being.
Roamers: Thanks for talking with us today. Do you have any murals, exhibits or installations you want to plug?
Patrick: Currently I have a solo show scheduled for October which will be my first solo exhibit at Stay Gallery in Downey,CA which I’m currently prepping for. Also, you can check out my other works on my website http://www.thehappyjoyart.com or check out my Instagram for updates for exhibits @thehappyjoy. Rad talking with you guys!